Veterans Benefits

VA and Veterans Benefits

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (formerly the VA Veterans Administration) provides an array of veterans benefits. Benefits include education, home loans, compensation, pension, survivor’s benefits, burial, vocational rehabilitation, employment, and life insurance.

As with many government programs, funding hasn’t always been enough to maintain the programs as they should be, and services are sometimes hard to obtain. Still, veterans may qualify for VA services with no copayment required for military-related conditions. Veterans dealing with problems arising from military service, should go to a VA Regional Office and apply for a service-connected disability.

VA Healthcare benefits are available to most who served active in the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, or Coast Guard.  National Guard and Reserve members may be eligible if they were called to active duty on a Federal Executive Order other than training.  There are no requirements for serving in war zones, service-connected disabilities, or injuries while in service for healthcare benefits.

Veterans Disability benefits are paid to those who have injuries or diseases that happened or were made worse while on active duty.  The amount is based on the severity of disability and number of dependents.  Like all government programs, it can be quite complex.  More information is available at VONAPP website .