About the Insurance Primer

Over the course of my life, I have seen many different sides of the insurance industry. As a youngster, I learned first hand about life insurance when my father passed away young. We were a middle class family, and his life insurance helped us to just barely hang on.

As I grew and had a family of my own, I also learned about the darker side of the insurance industry and how some companies train their agents to be cold hearted sales closing machines. I dealt with one agent who has since been convicted of wrongdoing and is still serving time in jail.

Later in life, I was burned by another one of these unscrupulous agents who sold me a health policy that, as it turned out, had serious limits. I should have known better, and it left me with some major uninsured medical bills.

Mixed in with all of this were a couple of good experiences, if you can call an insurance claim good. My homeowner’s insurance handled my claim quickly and professionally when we had a break-in, and my auto insurance was fair and timely when I struck a deer on the way to work.

Now, as luck would have it, I work for a large insurer as an educator, helping to train the support staff that takes your calls and processes your claims (and no, I don’t work with the sales staff).

Recently, I have watched as my own teenager has struggled with understanding the basics of auto insurance. At the same time, a close friend passed away and, it turns out that the life insurance that he thought that he had purchased was only accident insurance, so his family was left with very little.

So I have decided to create this site as an educational tool for others, and hope that it makes your task of selecting insurance easier.

Please note that the Insurance Primer provides generalized information only. No claims are made for the accuracy or applicability of the information to any specific situation.

Please contact me for comments or suggestions at webmaster at insuranceprimer.com .